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In the new age economy, where technology has created new benchmarks, Artificial Intelligence has redesigned the jobs in a way that Organizations are looking at altogether differently the role of HR Firms has also changed. We, at Virtual India Softwares, match the skill sets required with those of a candidate. From our enriched database that is classified not only as per the industry, but also as per the skill sets makes our search logical and intelligent. The only constancy in our data base is regular updating. We offer candidates specializing in their respective areas on permanent and contract basis


in the new economic order, where executives have to be constantly visiting the war rooms and practicing new management tools in the field; the role of training becomes very imperative. We, at Virtual India Softwares and Consultancy, provide training to executives based on the requirement of the roles they are handling. Trainings are done at three levels- developing and sharpening of Professional attributes and strengthening of personal or soft skills, enriching the technical skills.

Placement Assistance

Those Corporations who imbibe DNA of performance in executives believe in the mantra- Catch Them Young. They visit Campuses and business Schools to scout the raw talent so that they hone their skills and talents. With this reality, we, at Virtual India Softwares and Consultancy, assist Campuses and Corporations so that the ecosystem of nurturing youths is strengthened. We also conduct regular job fairs where Industry and Campuses meet to hire candidates.

Pre – Joining Executive Assessment

We believe that every executive is talented and each job is as important as the top man's. The only formula is to map the two. That’s why we do a thorough pre executive assessment. We work full on the skill of the candidates and improve it further. So that if he goes to any company further, then he and that respective company would not face any kind of difficulties.For that kind of process we have trained industrial experience employees who trained our candidate. Virtual India Softwares and Consultancy understands the challenge that clients face when any executives joins and after that s/he doesn’t perform as per requirement because of their knowledge, experience, past behavior and understanding of organizational activities. In this service, we do following types of analysis of any probable employee:-

• Business acumen
• Process Development
• Past job Working which included team leadership, Motivational qualities etc.
• Adaptability to new work Culture
• Analytical Skills based on previous assignments
• Confidentiality

A complete assessment report shall be shared to client to assess before joining of the candidate.

Temporary Staffing Solution

Not all jobs require permanent staff. There are a few jobs that are temporary in nature. However, while dealing with this requirement, our standards aren’t lowered. We have strict method of selecting such candidates as we know that these executives are also the ambassadors of the companies where they have worked in past or where they are working currently.

Industry We Serve

Industry we serve are IT industries, Logistics ,Hotels, Banking Industry, Real Estate, Digital Marketing, Media Houses & Jaipur Based Companies